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KBSP Business Unit Structure

KBSP Business Unit Structure

The Business Unit of the KBSP is made up of ten staff members. Its role is to undertake work that has been agreed by members of the partnership. This includes writing new policies around keeping people safe, reviewing what needs to change to help keep people safer, and gathering the voice of the various communities in Bristol about how they think things should change.

The manager oversees the work of the business unit. The talk to the members in the partnership a lot and make sure that the work they ask the business unit to do is in line with the goals the partnership has said they would like to reach. They also check that the business team are doing the work that they have been asked to do.

To help the Business Unit Manager and the rest of the team get all their emails, meetings and paperwork organised, there are two Business Support Officers doing all the hard work.

The Training Officer responsible for organising lots of training across Bristol to help other people working with children, adults and communities, to learn how to help keep people safe. To do this, the Training Officer receives support from the Training Team Business Support Officer.

The Project Support Officers work together to co-ordinate learning reviews for the partnership. It is their job to oversee the review and keep it within timescales, including working with an independent author to help them gather all of the information and write the report. There reviews help the Partnership to learn lessons about what has gone wrong when someone has sadly died or been badly hurt so they can change how people work together in the future. There are different types of reviews for different circumstances; Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs), Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs) and Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (CSPRs).

The business unit also has a Policy and Projects Officer. They work with lots of people in the partnership and groups who work directly with children, adults and communities, to write important documents called Policies. These policies explain how people in Bristol should follow the law and work in a way that the partnership thinks is best for Bristol to keep people safe.

The Participation Project Officer is responsible for talking to children, adults and communities to hear what they think needs to change. They support with the Shadow Board which is a group of young people from Bristol who help with projects to do with changing the way we make Bristol safer for Children and young people. They also work with lots of other groups in the city to make sure that the KBSP’s work thinks about everyone in the community, including people with disabilities, who speak different languages, and those who have care and support needs.

The Safeguarding Information Analyst looks at data and information about what has been going on in Bristol to let the KBSP know what is going well to keep people in Bristol safe and what we should be more worried about.