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KBSP Business Unit Structure

KBSP Business Unit Structure

The Business Unit of the KBSP is made up of ten staff members. Its role is to undertake work that has been agreed by members of the partnership. This includes writing new policies around keeping people safe, reviewing what needs to change to help keep people safer, and gathering the voice of the various communities in Bristol about how they think things should change.

Laura Gajdus is the manager and oversees the work of the business unit. Laura talks to the members in the partnership a lot and makes sure that the work they ask the business unit to do is in line with the goals the partnership has said they would like to reach. Laura also checks that the business team are doing the work that they have been asked to do.

To help Laura and the business unit team get all their emails, meetings and paperwork organised, there are two Business Support Officers doing all the hard work. They are Sophie Luker, Zoe Chrisostomou.

Esther Lambert is the business unit’s Training Officer and is responsible for organising lots of training across Bristol to help other people working with children, adults and communities, to learn how to help keep people safe. For Esther to do this she has support from Amanda Webb, who is the Training Team Business Support Officer.

John Parfitt-Glynn is a Project Officer on the business unit and mainly works with families where someone has died suddenly, and tries to work out what Bristol could have done better so that person didn’t die and so that we can try to stop it happening again. Rebecca Dible is the Project Support Officer and works alongside John to do this, attending reviews which we call serious case reviews so that the Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership can learn what needs to be done better next time.

Olwen Kelly is the business unit’s Policy and Projects Officer. Olwen works with lots of people in the partnership and groups who work directly with children, adults and communities, to write important documents called Policies. These policies explain how people in Bristol should follow the law and work in a way that the partnership thinks is best for Bristol to keep people safe.

Jennifer Wills is the Participation Project Officer. Jennifer is responsible for talking to children, adults and communities to hear what they think needs to change. Jennifer then passes this information on to Olwen to help Olwen write policies, and also passes it on to Laura so Laura can tell the partnership what people in Bristol think we need to do to help keep everyone safe.