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Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Sexual health advice for adults is available from your GP, this includes pregnancy support, sexually transmitted infection testing, and contraception.

Support around pregnancy and sexual health remains open throughout lockdown.


Unity Sexual Health - Free and confidential service for Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire

Call: 0117 342 6900

If you are worried about pregnancy options, please call 0345 872 5435


One25 - Supporting women to exit sex-working through support around housing, mental health, addiction, domestic and sexual violence, finance, wellbeing and the criminal justice system

Call: 0117 909 8832


Night outreach van: 0800 6 125 125


SARSAS- Specialist support service for people who have experienced any form of sexual violence

Call: 0808 801 0456


SARSAS support older women who have experienced sexual violence at any time in their life.

SARSAS Support for Older Women 

SARSAS offer a specialist service for survivors of sexual violence and abuse who have a learning disability, communication support needs and/or Autism.

SARSAS Learning Disabilities and Autism Project


Survivors UK - Support for sexually abused or assaulted men

Call: 0203 598 3898