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I am an adult

Do you think you are being abused or neglected? If you have an emergency, call the Police on 999. If it isn’t an emergency but you need help fast, call the Police on 101. If you think you are being abused or neglected you can report it by contacting Care Direct on 0117 922 2700 or submit a safeguarding referral through the online form.

A guide to help you recognise and report abuse is available here.


Support Services

Well Aware is a local directory of health and wellbeing services, support organisations, activities and groups.

Other organisations that can offer support to adults at risk include:

Information and Resources

Safe City

Keeping Adults Safe has produced an information leaflet and poster as part of the ongoing campaign to stop adult abuse.

Download the poster

Download the leaflet

Self-neglect leaflet

Keeping Adults Safe has produced a useful leaflet that provides information around self-neglect and what to look out for.

Download the leaflet

Mate Crime

See the below links that contain information about Mate Crime. Mate Crime is a type of abuse where people exploit friendships with vulnerable adults.

KBSP Mate Crime Leaflet

Friend or Fake

Getting Away With Murder

In 2018 the KBSP published a Thematic Mate Crime Review into the prevalence of Mate Crime in Bristol. You can read the full report here.

Hate Crime

A hate crime is when someone commits a crime against you because of your disability, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, or any other perceived difference.

Further information about Hate Crime can be found on the Communities page.

Bristol Hate Crime & Discrimination Services (BHC&DS) is a collaboration of charities with SARI as the administrative lead and jointly deliver the local Hate Crime and Discrimination Services. An Information leaflet has been produced to explain who are the partners, the services they offer and contact details.

Download the leaflet

Online Safety

The resources below contain information about online safety issues.

Safe Password leaflet

Phishing leaflet

Cyber Sextortion poster (for printable version click here)


Building the Bridge is the organisation that works to keep Bristol communities safe against radicalisation and extremism. This leaflet lets you know what help and information is available if you have concerns that someone may be vulnerable to radicalisation.

Keeping Bristol communities safe from radicalisation

Further information about Prevent can be found on the Communities page.

Abuse and Violence

Information about domestic abuse and sexual abuse can be found on the Communities page.

Modern Slavery

Information about modern slavery and human trafficking can be found on the Communities page.