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I am an adult

Safeguarding information for Bristol adults

Do you think you are being abused or neglected? 

If you have an emergency, call the police on 999.

If it isn't an emergency but you need help fast, call the police on 101. 

If you think you are being abused or neglected you can report it to Care Direct by calling 0117 922 2700 or submitting a safeguarding referral through the Care Direct online form

Read the Safe City Guide to help you recognise and report abuse. 



Sexual Violence

Help is available for individuals who have been affected by rape, sexual assault or abuse at any time in their lives

Care Homes and Supported Living

Information for people thinking about moving into a care home or into supported housing.

Domestic Abuse

Abuse and violence can be psychological, physical, financial or emotional. Learn about reporting abuse and the support services available. This page includes information about domestic abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hate Crime

A hate crime is when someone commits a crime against you because of your disability, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, or any other perceived difference.

Honour Based Violence & FGM

Honour Based Violence is scary and can occur when people live their lives against the cultural expectations of their family and community. Female Genital Mutilation and Forced Marriage are also linked to cultural beliefs. Support is available here

Mate Crime

Mate crime is a type of disability hate crime when someone pretends to be your friend and then they commit a crime against you.

Mental Health

Everyone has good and bad days, but some people need more help than others. Here are some links to support for your mental health

Scams and Online Safety

Resources to help you spot financial scams, including scams about coronavirus. Tips for keeping safe whilst using the internet.


Self-neglect is when a person does not look after themselves fully. This may be a choice they make, or because they are ill or unable. It can also be a sign that something else is going wrong in their life.

Sexual Health

Information on Sexual Health services locally, including services for those working in the sex industry, and those who have experienced sexual violence.