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Adult Safeguarding Training and Development

The Bristol Safeguarding Adults Board does not currently provide multi-agency training itself, but does aim to ensure that adult safeguarding practice across the Bristol workforce is consistent and effective by identifying learning and development needs and setting training standards. This is achieved through the work of the Learning and Development sub group.

Partners of the BSAB have individually provided a Safeguarding Adults training offer for the Bristol workforce.

Training Standards

The LDSG has been working with other Local SABs in the region to develop a Safeguarding Adults Training Standards document. This is a learning pathway which incorporates national standards, supports local strategic aims and promotes the need for cultural change for agencies who support adults at risk. The learning opportunities outlined are based upon minimum standards and what outcomes specific groups of staff should be capable of achieving. The Safeguarding Adults Training Standards is currently in the final stages of development and will be published here once complete.

BSAB inter-agency training

The Bristol Safeguarding Adults Board is working with the Bristol Safeguarding Children Board to develop inter-agency training courses available for professionals who work with adults with care and support needs. This should be available in Spring 2018, and further information will be available in due course.

Development materials

The below materials have been made available for the development of the professional workforce across Bristol.

Escalation Protocol Case studies


Multi-Agency Thematic Case Studies

Self neglect

Frequent caller

Hate Crime

Hoarding / Self-neglect

 Self neglect (2)

Hate/Mate Crime

Elder Abuse


BSAB Annual Conference 2018 – Adult Exploitation, Mate Crime and Coercive Control

Join professionals from across Bristol and South Gloucestershire in developing skills and approaches in working together to safeguard adults from adult exploitation. The conference will include theatre performance from the Brandon Trust Players, and workshops on issues such as coercive control, cuckooing, exploitation and MCA, and mate crime.

You can access the Booking form here

2017 Self Neglect conference

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