Annual Report

The BSCB produce an annual report on the activities and achievements of the previous year, as well as our aims for the next year. The annual report for 2016/17 can be found below:

BSCB Annual Report 2016-17


The first annual report was published in 2006 following the establishment of the Safeguarding Children Board. Annual reports and business plans from previous years can be found below:

BSCB Annual Report 2015-16

BSCB Annual Report 2014-15

BSCB Annual Report 2013-14

Strategic plan

The BSCB has produced a Strategic Plan for the period 2017-2018 which outlines our objectives for Bristol. Individual action plans to achieve these objectives sit within the Board and Sub groups, and are revised annually.

The strategic aims of the BSCB are:

Better outcomes: “We will set expectations so that partners focus on delivering best outcomes for children”

Better ways of working: “We will deploy resources in an effective way, providing value for money”

Better public involvement: “We will do more to ensure that the views and experiences of children and the wider community inform and contribute to effective safeguarding.”

Better quality assurance and adherence to regulatory framework: “We will continue to drive improvement in safeguarding practices for all children.”

Read our Strategic Plan for more detail.

BSCB Strategic Plan 2017-18

Our Partners:

Bristol Safeguarding Adults Board
NHS Bristol
Bristol City Council
Avon & Somerset Police