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Perpetrators in Positions of Trust

BSCB Annual Conference

Perpetrators in Positions of Trust

In January 2018 the Bristol Safeguarding Children Board and Bristol Safeguarding Adults Board held a joint conference titled "Perpetrators in Positions of Trust". You can find the relevant materials and resources below.

Presentations from all key speakers at the conference:

Conference Presentations

Conference Workshops:

Interviewing suspects (or staff members) when an allegation has been made

Creating a safer organisational culture

Assessing and managing risk - what to consider when deciding whether staff need to be suspended following an allegation

Organisational Abuse – learning from Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust enquiry

Practical steps for practitioners – understanding more about perpetrator behaviour and disrupting it

BSCB Annual Conference

Bristol Safeguarding Children Boards Annual Conference was titled "Violence within Families: What can Bristol do to break the cycle of abuse?" and took place on Wednesday 23rd May 2018 at M Shed, Bristol. You can find the relevant materials and resources below.

Conference Presentations

Powerpoint presentations from all key speakers at the 2018 Annual BSCB conference

Working effectively with Fathers

Guidance from key note speaker Dr Gavin Swann regarding advice and support to engage Fathers in assessments and interventions

Breaking Down Barriers: Working effectively with Fathers in Social Care

A copy of the doctorate thesis from Dr Gavin Swann. During his presentation he recommended Chapters 2 & 10 as further reading for delegates.

ACE's Questionnaire

This document provides details of the 10 Adverse Childhood Experiences highlighted in the film "Resilience".

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