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News Item 16/12/2020

Are you OK? Workshop

This workshop will be led by the KBSP Shadow Board - a group of young people who help to shape safeguarding across Bristol (how to keep children safe).

  • FREE, half day online workshop on Wednesday 17th February, 10am- 2.30pm
  • Three guest speakers from the University of Bath, talking about mental health
  • Four presentations and discussions led by young people's participation groups
  • A presentation from Public Health about data in Bristol

Our speakers

Guest speakers from the University of Bath:

  • Dr Maria Loades will be talking about loneliness and low mood in children
  • Dr Jo Daniels will be talking about adult mental health
  • Dr Kate Copper will be talking about anxiety and COVID related anxiety in children

Presentations and discussions facilitated by local young people from:

How to attend

The workshop is free to attend, but because spaces are limited you will need to book a ticket through Eventbrite.

Are you OK? Workshop Eventbrite page

If you have a query, contact theĀ KBSP Business Unit.

More information about Are you OK?

The Are you OK? campaign was launched to give support and advice to people during the pandemic and beyond. It has advice on how to check if your friends, family and neighbours are ok, and the signs to look out for. It also has links to support services throughout Bristol that can help.

More information about the Are You OK? campaign can be found on the Are You OK? webpages