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National Hate Crime Awareness Week 10th- 17th October 2020


Avon and Somerset Police, alongside community agencies in Bristol, have organised a series of events taking place in acknowledgement of the National Hate Crime Awareness Week. 

Sunday 11th October

Integrate UK launch a music video 'Stand In Pride' to mark Coming Out Day for Pride as part of National Hate Crime Awareness week;


Monday 12th October, 5pm

On Monday 12th October at 5pm, Avon and Somerset police are holding a Facebook Live session. The session will feature Superintendent Andy Bennett and Director of SARI Alex Raikes.

Both will be answering questions from the public about hate crime, how the police and partner organisations are tackling hate crime, and support services that are available to victims. 

The discussion will be streamed live from the Malcom X Centre via this link.