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News Item 24/06/2020

Today, the Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership are pleased to present ‘Problem Child’, a short film produced by Unique Voice, aimed at professionals working with boys and young men.

We know from research that boys and young men are under-represented within the safeguarding system. We also know that sometimes unconscious judgements can influence the way in which adults see the problematic behaviour instead of a child who needs help.

With this film we want to change the preconceptions that some professionals may have, encouraging them to look beyond the behaviours and view the situation through the lens of safeguarding.

We want all professionals in Bristol to see and hear the child, not a problem child.


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A Bristol Serious Case Review/ Domestic Homicide Review ‘Child D’ highlighted the need to focus on safeguarding adolescent boys; you can read the full review on the CSPR page.

A live webinar on the subject of Safeguarding Boys and Young Men facilitated by Desmond Brown and Calum Paton took place on 1st July 2020. A recording of this webinar can be found on the Webinar page