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News Item 18/01/2021

Publication of Martyn SAR Learning Briefing

The Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership has today (Monday 18th January 2021) published a Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) learning briefing into the circumstances of the death of Martyn.

Martyn was a 25 year old man with mild learning disabilities and foetal alcohol spectrum disorder. He tragically died in October 2018. Video evidence from the hours prior to his death showed that he had been the subject of abuse whilst intoxicated. The cause of death could not be definitively linked to the abuse that Martyn experienced. The themes of mental capacity, mate crime, substance misuse, social isolation and meaningful activity have been explored in this SAR.

The full SAR has not been published because the circumstances of this case means that those involved would be readily identifiable, and in particular we wish to protect the privacy and dignity of Martyn.

KBSP have instead produced a learning briefing for professionals to ensure that the findings of this SAR are disseminated widely. The learning briefing is available in PDF and HTML webpage format to ensure it is accessible. It can be used in individual learning, team meeting briefings and individual supervision.

The learning briefing, a response from KBSP and a statement from Martyn’s mother are available to read on the SAR section of the KBSP website.


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It is vital that everyone in the city works together to safeguard adults from mate crime. If you are concerned that you or someone you know may be the victim of mate crime, contact the police on 101 or access support through the Bristol Hate Crime and Discrimination Services.

If you have further concerns about yourself or an adult you know, contact your local safeguarding team or to make a referral through Care Direct.