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News Item 20/10/2022

Reducing Parental Conflict October 2022 Newsletter

In the newsletter:


1. Recording of DWP - Reducing Parental Conflict Partnerships Oct 6th 9.30 – 11.00am

2. EIF - SEND Community of Practice 2/11/22 10 - 11am


3. One-day in-person Supporting families experiencing persistent parental conflict training aimed at front-line practitioners who case hold on Tuesday 8th November.

4. Understanding Parental Couple Conflict, Its Impact on Children’s Outcomes and What We Can Do to Help Booking information for a half day online workshop aimed at everyone on November 22nd 2022 and Jan 24th 2023 (9.30 - 1pm).

5. RPC e-learning for practitioners in 3 x 45 min modules

6. RPC e-learning for managers and supervisors in 1 x 45 min module


7. A parent’s story of relationship distress and what helped

8. What does Reducing Parental Conflict mean to perinatal mental health and parent infant relationships?

Free resources

8. For professionals

9. For parents

Download the October 2021 newsletter from the Reducing Parental Conflict Programme.