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Child Exploitation

Criminal Exploitation

This practice briefing for professionals addresses what Criminal Exploitation is; what is your responsibility; and what you should do.

Criminal Exploitation practice briefing


Trafficking and Modern Slavery

The BSCB Trafficking guidance is currently being updated. Find more information on trafficking and Modern Slavery at the South West Child Protection Procedures website. 


County Lines

County lines is the police term for urban gangs supplying drugs to suburban areas and market and coastal towns. It involves child criminal exploitation (CCE) as gangs use children and vulnerable people to move drugs and money.

Following the publication of County Lines guidance last year, the Home Office is now working with partners to raise awareness of county lines. A range of materials have been developed to help statutory and non-statutory staff identify victims and report concerns to protect those exploited through this criminal activity.

Home Office County Lines Guidance

County Lines posters and leaflets

Resources for Private Security

Resources for Taxi and Private Hire

Resources for Bus and Coach Companies

Resources for Train Operating Companies

Resources for Private Landlords and Letting Agents