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Mate Crime

What is mate crime?

Mate Crime is a type of abuse where people exploit friendships with vulnerable adults.

Mate crime resources

KBSP Mate Crime Leaflet KBSP have developed a leaflet to help people identify mate crime and provide advice on how to get help.

Safety Net: Friend or Fake? An Easy Read Guidance Booklet about Hate Crime and Mate Crime

Getting Away With Murder Disabled people’s experiences of hate crime in the UK

Brandon Trust holds workshops on how disabled people and staff can recognise mate crime. Read the Flyer for Disability Hate and Mate Crime Workshop .

Brandon Trust have produced a film about Disability hate crime and bullying and an accompanying Guide of Disability Hate Crime.


In 2018 the KBSP published a Thematic Mate Crime Review into the prevalence of Mate Crime in Bristol. You can read the full report on the SAR section of the KBSP website.

What is cuckooing?

Cuckooing is where a criminal (or abuser), or someone connected with them, befriends an individual who lives on their own. The criminal then moves in and uses the property to operate unlawfully or carry out an abusive activity. The person being cuckooed is often lonely, isolated and vulnerable.

Ahead of Stop Adult Abuse Week (SAAW) 2020, KBSP and partners have put together a leaflet on Cuckooing and Covid-19. 

Cuckooing and Covid-19 leaflet

BSAB conference 2018 - adult exploitation, mate crime and coercive control 

A BSAB conference in 2018 on Adult Exploitation, Mate Crime and Coercive Control generated the following materials:


Conference Presentation

Brandon Trust Players


Applying Mental Capacity to Safeguarding from Exploitation

Coercive control

Multi-agency response to Cuckooing

Safeguarding Adults with Care and Support needs from Modern Slavery

Sexual Exploitation