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Safeguarding Adults

Working with Adults At Risk

All professionals who work with adults at risk must follow the KBSP guidance for recognising and reporting safeguarding concerns.

Working with adults at risk

Regional Safeguarding Adults Policy

KBSP has signed up to the following regional Safeguarding Adults Multi-Agency policy alongside four other Local Authorities.

Safeguarding Adults Policy - Regional Multi-agency

Pathways for safeguarding adults

This document outlines the pathways to referral that all agencies can use to safeguard adults with different vulnerabilities. It includes information on how to identify the correct pathway, relevant policies, and how to make a referral.

Multi Agency Pathways for Adults in Bristol

ADASS Out of Area Safeguarding Adults Arrangements Guide

The Association of Directors of Social Services has developed guidance around cross-boundary considerations in safeguarding arrangements.

Out of Area Safeguarding Adults Arrangements Guide