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Threshold Guidance and Risk Assessments

Threshold guidance

The KBSP Threshold Guidance 2018 has been designed to help practitioners working with children and young people identify when additional support will help children achieve their potential, and keep them safe from harm. The 2018 refreshed document includes matrices to assist practitioners in their decision making.

KSBP Threshold Guidance - 2018

KBSP Threshold Matrix - Unborn

KBSP Threshold Matrix - 0-4

KBSP Threshold Matrix - 5-11

KSBP Threshold Matrix - 11-18

The process for the Bristol MASH can be found below:

MASH Process

Risk Assessments

Following learning from a Serious Case Review, the KBSP produced a briefing note to support professionals making risk assessments around dogs and other pets.

Risk assessing dogs and other pets