Youth Violence

Youth Violence and Gangs Strategy

Our strategy on how to prevent young people in Bristol from getting involved with gang activity and violence.

Street conflict and involvement in gang activity can affect any young person, from any family, in any neighbourhood. Some young people are disproportionately affected by these issues. Many children growing up in the inner city areas of Bristol are at daily risk of experiencing street conflict and issues relating to gangs.

Through the activity outlined in our Preventing gang involvement and youth violence strategy, we're pledging to end young people’s involvement in gangs and street conflict.

We'll empower young people to fulfil their potential, in safe and vibrant communities that are free from crime.

Preventing gang involvement and youth violence strategy

The government also offers guidance for frontline professionals on dealing with county lines exploitation of children and vulnerable adults. This is part of the government’s approach to ending gang violence and exploitation.

Criminal exploitation of children and vulnerable adults: county lines