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Information about our upcoming webinars and recordings of past webinars

Upcoming Webinars

All upcoming webinars are listed below in the blue drop down menus

The KBSP Webinar Series webinars are safeguarding taster sessions that take place over video call. These sessions are available to everyone. There is no need to book a place and they are free to attend. At the time of the webinar, click on the Zoom link at the day/time of the event to join the call.

Cyber Choices - How much do you know about cyber dependent crime?

Date: Tuesday 24th March 2022

Time: 10am- 11:30am

Platform: Zoom



These sessions are either regional events hosted in part by the KBSP or sessions provided by partner agency providers.


Regional Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Webinar

Date: 16th March 2022

Time: 10am- 12pm

Cost: Free

Platform: Microsoft teams



90 minute Combined Women and Young People training webinar by Gam Care

Dates and times:

Thursday 24th February 2022 (10 – 11.30am)

Thursday 24th March 2022 (10 – 11.30am)

Thursday 21st April 2022 (10 – 11.30am)

Thursday 19th May 2022 (10 – 11.30am)

Thursday 16th June 2022 (10 – 11.30am)

Thursday 21st July 2022 (10 – 11.30am)

Thursday 18th August 2022 (10 – 11.30am)

Thursday 15th September 2022 (10 – 11.30am)

Thursday 20th October 2022 (10 – 11.30am)

Presenter: Gam Care 

Description: This free CPD accredited webinar explores harms to young people and adults caused by problem gambling and gaming, and routes into support and treatment. This workshop aims to help make these harms more identifiable for practitioners working with young people and adults in both generic and gender specific services

Cost: Free

Platform used: Microsoft teams

Registration: Contact


90 minute Women and Gambling harm training webinar by Gam Care

Dates and times:

Thursday 3rd February 2022 (2pm- 3:30pm)

Thursday 10th February 2022 (2pm- 3:30pm)

Tuesday 1st March 2022 (11am- 12:30pm)

Wednesday 2nd March 2022 (10am- 11:30am)

Thursday 10th March 2022 (10am- 11:30am)

Presenter: Gam Care 

Description: This free CPD accredited webinar will look at signs of problematic gambling for women predominately, as often women don’t talk about gambling, we discuss  those most at risk and affected, how others are affected by problematic gambling by someone else in the home and we also give you signposting to all our free services.

Please note these sessions are for 8 delegates per session and get booked fairly quickly.

Cost: Free

Platform used: Zoom

Registration: Contact





KBSP Webinar Series Library 2021 - 2022

We have added recordings of the previous webinars in case you missed the live event or if you want to view the session again or share with your colleagues.

Safeguarding non mobile babies and Children Under one

Recorded on: Wednesday 26th January 2022 between 11am - 12pm

Presenters: Jayne MacIver and Fiona Townsend, Early Years Enhanced Provision

This webinar highlights the importance of professionals working together to maintain a focus on the needs and experiences of very young children, especially those in vulnerable families.

It gives professionals an understanding and overview of safeguarding for very young children, as well providing information on the key messages to be given to parents to protect non mobile babies. Professionals working with non-mobile babies will have an understanding and the ability to spot signs of abuse in babies & very young children. It also provides additional guidance, useful links and support service information

Presentation Slides

Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

16 days of Activism of Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

Recorded: Monday 6th December 2021 between 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Presenters: Jayne Whittlestone and Charlotte Chappell from Next Link


  • Professional vigilance/ curiosity and Trauma informed approach to domestic abuse.
  • Domestic abuse is everyone’s business.
  • Busting myths “why don’t they just leave”.
  • Recognising impact and individuality.
  • Coercive control.
  • Domestic abuse definition; changes following domestic abuse Act 2021.
  • Barriers and challenges to disclosing/ reporting.
  • Best practice around approaching a victim/ survivor and what to do if you are worried.
  • Next Link services and partnership/ multi-agency working.
  • Service contact numbers.

Perinatal Mental Health

Recorded: Monday 18th October 2021

Presenter(s): Leanne Ellaway, Social Work Lead and Jools Granville

Description: This webinar aims to offer understanding surrounding the role of the perinatal mental health team, why the team exists and how to refer. It also offers insight into interventions, how to increase awareness of risk factors and 'red flags' and how to identify good practice as well as what to avoid.

This webinar will also offer opportunity to listen to someone with lived experience.

Presentation slides


Safeguarding Young Men & Boys

Recorded: Tuesday 5th October 2021

Presenter(s): Calum Paton, Education Inclusion Manager, Bristol City Council

Description: This webinar is designed to inform and educate professionals working in the local Bristol area on how to work with young men and boys experiencing extra-familial harm. The webinar aims to provide an understanding of contextual safeguarding and the range of extra-familial harm that young men and boys experience in Bristol. The webinar also aims to detail examples of the appropriate interventions that are undertaken to support and safeguard them. 

Presentation slides and recording coming soon.

Honour Based Abuse and Forced Marriage 

Recorded: Tuesday 7th September 2021

Presenter(s): Sabeena Pirooz, ​Director of the Sky Project –  a charity that is actively working to reduce the number of forced marriage cases in and around Bristol and the South West and DCI Larisa Hunt, the police lead for Honour Based Abuse and Forced Marriage from Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

An understanding of what Honour Based Abuse is and the signs to look for. A chance for professionals to understand the complexity and risk of Honour Based Abuse cases, know what to do and what not to do and helpful tips for safeguarding victims and families. A chance also to learn about misconceptions around forced marriage including the difference between an arranged marriage and a forced marriage, learn how to safeguard in these cases, understand the law and the benefit of Forced Marriage Protection Orders.

Presentation slides


Recorded: Tuesday 3rd August 2021

Presenter: Michele Winter, Independent Social Worker, Trainer & SAR Reviewer

What is self-neglect and how does it affect? Looking at how to recognise self neglect and what the indicators might be. Thinking about what might be the causes and ways of working with individuals who self-neglect.


Hate Crime

Recorded on 19th July 2021

Presented by Michele Winter - Independent Social Worker, Trainer & SAR Reviewer

An overview of what Hate Crime is, how it impacts individuals and models of interventions around how to tackle Hate Crime in your community and which Bristol based services can provide help and other resources.


Mind your Language 

Recorded on 6th July 2021

Presented by Jo Ritchie, Advanced Social Worker - CSE and Rachel Hayhow, Advanced Social Worker - Practice Development.

An understanding of CSE, the language we use and how we can actively support children and young people affected by CSE with the use of accurate terminology.

Presentation slides unavailable

Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse – Understanding, Recognition and Response

Recorded on 6th July 2021

Presented by Dr Michelle Cutland

An overview of the evidence and research around disclosures of CSA by children and young people as well as providing practical advice on how to respond and receive disclosures from children and young people in a range of settings.

This will be of use to any frontline practitioner in education, health, social care, police and voluntary sector organisations.

Presentation slides

Child Sexual Exploitation

Recorded on 12th May 2021

Presented by Jo Ritchie, CSE Advanced Social Worker at Bristol City Council

''The warning signs were all there but no one noticed'' - Recognising and Responding to Child Sexual Exploitation.

Presentation slides

Webinar Archive

Access to all recorded previous years' webinars on the Webinar Archive page.