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Are you OK? workshop report

To write the report, the Shadow Board looked at all the themes that came up during the workshop in the breakout rooms and the feedback that was received after. From the themes and the discussions, the Shadow Board pulled together some recommendations for the Executive around how changes could be made according to the issues that were raised in the workshop.

The main report was sent to the KBSP Executive and Children's Delivery Group. The Shadow Board are awaiting feedback which will be published once this has been received. 

Here is a summary of the full report:



Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership Shadow Board Report

Are you OK? workshop


During the Are you OK? workshop the audience were placed in breakout rooms to discuss questions asked by the groups who had presented on the day. A full report has been sent to the Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership Executive. This is a summary of the full report.


Training- Professionals to be trained to recognise different issues and needs that marginalised communities face. Young people to help create and run training.

Signposting to services- Face-to-face services that are close to each school to present and explain their service. Professionals to know about services locally. Services to provide self-referral systems.

Social Media- To be used to spread awareness of services and events to help reach children and young people in marginalised communities and who are not in education or employment.

Diverse presenters at schools- To create a diverse workforce, young people need to be inspired. Professionals from diverse communities to present at schools about their jobs.

Better education for young people- Conversations to be held within education settings and youth work settings around safeguarding issues such as criminal and sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, healthy relationships. Conversations and education about LGBTQ+, BAME, and disabilities awareness and history.

Future workshops- Longer breakout rooms and better advertising on social media.

Next Steps

The KBSP Executive will give a written response to the full report which will be published on the KBSP website. The Shadow Board will then be invited to an Executive meeting to talk about what happens next.


A pdf version is available here.