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Think Family Approach

The Think Family Approach is a multiagency guidance document developed jointly between Keeping Children Safe and Keeping Adults Safe. It has been written for professionals working with parents whose complex needs impact on their ability to care for the children around them. For example parents and carers who have mental health issues; disabilities; have drug and alcohol problems; affected by domestic abuse and/or have involvement with the Criminal Justice System. In many of the cases in which there are concerns about a child's welfare, parents will be facing at least one these issues.

You can read the full policy below:

Think Family Approach to supporting and/or safeguarding children whose parents have support needs

Alternatively, as this is a large document the KBSP wants to support professionals to access the most relevant parts of the approach for their work. For this reason we have developed a micro site which breaks down the documents into separate sections. You can access this here:

Think Family Approach microsite