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Keeping Children Safe

About KCS

The KCS business delivery group completed the tasks of the KPSB related to safeguarding children.


This page provides videos of the events that have taken place across the partnership

Professional Resources

KBSP and other relevant policies, guidance, briefing notes and other briefing notes to support professionals who work with children in their safeguarding duties.

Support for Families

What safeguarding is, what issues you should be aware of, and where to find help and support.

Shadow Board

KBSP Young People's Shadow Board advises, consults and co-produces projects with the partnership to influence strategic safeguarding

Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews

Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (CSPR) are reviews we conduct in serious cases to learn lessons and improve systems in the future.


The latest news items from Keeping Children Safe and our partners

Think Family Approach

Accessible microsite providing useful information for practitioners around the KBSP Think Family Approach

LADO - Concerns about professionals

LADO is where you report concerns and allegations against people who work or volunteer with children.