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Keeping Children Safe Business Delivery Group

Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everybody’s business. It involves:

  • protecting children from maltreatment
  • preventing impairment of children’s health or development
  • ensuring children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care

Safeguarding children is also about child protection. This means the variety of activities that take place to protect children who may be at risk of significant harm due to emotional, physical or sexual abuse or neglect. Safeguarding children is a multi-agency concern co-ordinated by the Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership, the Safeguarding Partners within Bristol City Council local authority.


Changes to child safeguarding legislation announced in 2018 has meant that all local authorities were required to make arrangements to replace their Local Safeguarding Children Boards by September 2019. Instead, each locality must have access to a team of Safeguarding Partners who work together to support the safeguarding system.

In Bristol this meant that the Bristol Safeguarding Children Board was replaced by the Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership which also manages the functions of the local Safeguarding Adults Board and Community Safety Partnership. The obligations of the Safeguarding Partners are now delegated by the Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership to the Keeping Children Safe (KCS) Business Delivery Group.

Role of Keeping Children Safe

The KCS objectives include ensuring that the single agency and partnership work to protect the safety of children is coordinated and effective with a shared focus on early intervention, prevention and commissioning as outlined in Section 14 of the Children’s Act 2004 and driving continuous improvement in outcomes to reduce risk of harm to children in Bristol.

Some of the responsibilities of the KCS include:

  • Undertake a Strategic Child Safeguarding Needs Assessment and identify key Children Safeguarding Priorities for Bristol
  • Maintain a Business Plan, based on identified Child Safeguarding priorities and respond to relevant actions / activity to deliver the Board strategic priorities.
  • Monitor progress against the action plan and report to the Board by exception
  • Supply a Keeping Children Safe Safeguarding submission to the Board’s 12 monthly report
  • Provide the Board with a quarterly Children Safeguarding Dashboard drawing on quality and performance data across the partnership

Another responsibility of Safeguarding Partners is to undertake Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (CSPR). The KBSP Executive group is responsible for the decision making around agreeing and commissioning CSPRs and the KCS develops and delivers against the appropriate actions from national and local reviews. You can read more about these reviews on the CSPR page.

Relevant Documents

The detailed arrangements for Safeguarding Partners can be found in the KBSP Local Arrangements 19/20.

The requirements for the Safeguarding Partners laid out by the government are provided in the Children and Social Care Act 2017 and Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018, while the obligations of LSCBs can be found in Chapter 14 of The Children Act 2004.

The KCS Business Plan will be published here once available.