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Who we are

Who is the Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership?

Welcome to the Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership website. The partnership is a group of people that discuss the best ways to keep Bristol safe. They look at keeping children safe, keeping adults safe, and how to protect whole communities. The Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership started in June 2019 and officially came together in September 2019 because changes were needed to the way Bristol worked before.

New laws made by the government say that the main members need to be from Bristol City Council, BNSSG Integrated Care Board, and Avon and Somerset Constabulary. The group is also made up of members from other groups that work directly in the community. These would include people from health, education and what’s known as the voluntary sector, which are organisations working in the community that sometimes are given money from charities and sometimes from Bristol City Council.

The Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership is led by Sally Rowe. She is known as the Chair of Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership and is there to check that work is completed and if there are things that could have been done better. She keeps everyone focused on their work to achieve the main goal at the end.

Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership has set priorities. Priorities are similar to goals that they set so that they can help people in Bristol to feel safer, which KBSP achieve by completing work. The work is carried out by these three groups; Keeping Children Safe; Keeping Adults Safe; Keeping Communities Safe. These are then split into smaller groups called sub-groups, and task and finish groups.

The Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership is made up of many different groups. The groups are organised as shown in the structure chart below. 

Click on the image below to open the structure chart as a PDF

There is also a Business Unit that helps everyone to pull the work together. You can contact the business unit through the Contact Us page.

The Board of KBSP are the important people who make the decisions around how the money is spent and if there are important decisions to be made about changes in the way we keep people safe. If you would like to ask any questions about the KBSP, please contact the Business Unit. KBSP do not take referrals because it is a group that sets out how people should work.

We want this website to provide useful information about our work in Bristol to the whole community, including professionals involved in safeguarding or community safety, professionals involved in care, children and young people, adults with care and support needs, families and carers, and to the general public.