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Kamil and Mr X, 2018

Kamil was a Kurdish asylum seeker who was murdered in 2016 by Mr X, a white British male, whilst both were residents in the same supported living accommodation for individuals with mental health needs. Mr X was convicted of murder in 2017 and is now serving a life sentence.

The Bristol Safeguarding Adult Board commissioned a Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) to examine the care provided to both men.

The full SAR can be read here:

Kamil Ahmad and Mr X (2018) - Safeguarding Adult Review

A response to the SAR has been provided by the BSAB:

Kamil Ahmad and Mr X (2018) SAR - Board response

For the publication of this review, a press release and statements from relevant agencies have been provided:

Kamil Ahmad and Mr X (2018) SAR - Press release

Kamil Ahmad and Mr X (2018) SAR - Agency statements

It is important that lessons are learned from Safeguarding Adults Reviews. A briefing for professionals on this case has been prepared here:

Kamil Ahmad and Mr X (2018) SAR - Professionals briefing