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Mr C, 2016

Mr C, aged 61, died in a fire at his flat in Bristol in September 2014. There were no other casualties. He had been known to a variety of agencies locally including Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust, (AWP), Bristol City Council (BCC) Housing services, Primary Care and the Police over a period of years, and had more recently become known to Avon Fire and Rescue (AFR) and BCC Adult Social Care.

Serious case review: Mr C, Executive Summary

A press release was made available on publication

Serious case review: Mr C press release

The BSAB and relevant agencies provided their responses to the SCR.

Serious case review: Mr C, agency responses

Serious case review: Mr C, BSAB response

Mr C SCR: Practitioner Briefing:

Practitioner Briefing document