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Thematic Review of Self Neglect

This Safeguarding Adults Review looked at the experiences of two adults, Charles and Bridget (not their real names) who died in early 2021. Charles and Bridget died in separate circumstances, however the partnership recognised that self-neglect was a theme in both cases and commissioned a thematic review.

Read the full Safeguarding Adults Review:

Thematic Review of Self-Neglect Report

A response to this SAR has been provided by the KBSP:

Thematic Review of Self-Neglect - KBSP Response

It is important that lessons are learned from Safeguarding Adults Reviews. A learning briefing has been created for professionals to use in individual learning, team meeting briefings or individual supervision to ensure that the findings are disseminated widely.

Thematic Review of Self-Neglect - Professionals' Learning Briefing