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Becky, 2018

This Serious Case Review concerns the care provided to Becky, a 16 year old female, by local agencies in the years before her death in 2015. Becky's Step-Brother and his partner were convicted of her murder and manslaughter respectively.

The full serious case review can be found here:

Becky Serious Case Review

Becky's mother provided a statement on publication:

Becky SCR: Statement from Becky's mother

The Bristol Safeguarding Children Board has provided a response to this SCR:

Becky SCR: BSCB response

Other local agencies involved in the review have also provided responses:

Becky SCR: Agency responses

A press release was provided for publication:

Becky SCR: BSCB press release

A briefing for professionals has been produced to ensure that lessons are learned from this case:

Becky SCR: Briefing for professionals

A Domestic Homicide Review was published by the KBSP in 2020, and is available here: Becky DHR