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Child H, 2019

In 2018 a Serious Case Review (SCR) was commissioned by Bristol Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) to review the circumstances which led to a disabled child suffering life-threatening injuries in a dog attack.

The BSCB have made the decision not to publish this SCR in full. This decision was made having balanced the public interest and the BSCB’s duty of care to the child. The BSCB have shared the findings of the SCR in full and un-redacted in the below response.

BSCB Response to Child H Serious Case Review


In response to recommendation 3, the KBSP have undertaken a focus group to gain a better understanding from front line practitioners and managers on the issues faced in engaging families. The report sets out learning recommendations to suggest what might be done to overcome barriers and how agencies and services across the city can work more effectively to achieve better outcomes for these families and their children.

Go to the Engaging with Families Focus Group Report


Following learning from a Serious Case Review 'Child H', the partnership produced a briefing note to support professionals making risk assessments around dogs and other pets.

Go to Guidance for Risk Assessing Dogs and Other Pets in Homes with Children