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Rapid Reviews

A rapid review takes place immediately after a serious child safeguarding incident. The rapid review process includes gathering relevant information, a multi-agency meeting and writing the findings in a report which is submitted to the national Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel. This process must be undertaken within 15 working days.

Rapid review reports are not published. However, KBSP have created learning briefings which can be shared with the workforce.

Download Rapid Review 6 Learning Briefing (March 2020)  - sexual abuse pathway for children harmed outside the country

Download Rapid Review 7 Learning Briefing (August 2020) - learning from a rapid review of an adolescent who experienced peer-on-peer abuse

Download Rapid Review 9 Learning Briefing (February 2021) - perinatal mental health and the differences between services in Bristol

Download Rapid Review 10 Learning Briefing (February 2021) - access to sexual health and pregnancy services during the COVID-19 lockdowns