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Online Safety

Online Safety


Here are some of the resources that have been developed for use by families, carers, and education professionals to keep children safe online

Think You Know holds resources for children, young people and families regarding online grooming and exploitation.

NSPCC guide for parents to being 'share aware' - Guidance for parents

Stop Speak Support - Campaign which aims to help young people spot cyberbullying and know what steps they can take to stop it happening and provide support to the person being bullied.

Ofsted Online Safety Handout - list of resources for children, parents and staff

Social Media App bulletin - January 2018

6 step checklist for families and carers to start a conversation about online safety, steps for families and carers to start a conversation about online safety and an E Safety Family Contract for families to write together, sign and display in the home.

Safe Password promotional leaflet

Phishing promotional leaflet

Cyber Sextortion poster (for printable version click here)

Report online abuse through CEOP