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Child Protection Conferences

What is a Child Protection Conference?

Child protection conferences are held for children when they are at risk of or have experienced significant harm. The child protection conference is a meeting that takes place with parents, the child (if they want to attend) the social worker and partner agencies that are working with the family or who have knowledge of the family such as health visitors, midwives, schools, drug workers, mental health workers, and probation officers. During the child protection conference, we will talk openly about worries and the impact of this upon the child. We would explore safety and the family support network and want to work with families to help them reduce risks and ensure that children's needs are met, and that they are safe.

Child Protection Conference Agenda - what is going to be talked about in the meeting

Child Protection Conference Guide for Bristol Children and their Families

This is our guide for parents, carers, children’s social workers and partner agencies to help you through the child protection conference process.

Child Protection Conference Guide for Bristol Children and their Families


Report to be completed for the Child Protection Conference  

The opportunity to share views and information before the child protection conference is important individual reports are sent out to be completed by the parent/ carer,  children and partner agencies if these can be completed and sent back before the conference to with the family name and date of the child protection conference these will be forwarded to the Conference Chair person to read before the meeting.

Parent/ Carer Report for Child Protection Conference

Child/ Young Person Report for Child Protection Conference

Partner Agency Report for Child Protection Conference


Further Information

Child Protection Conferences (

Please contact the Child Protection Conference Chair directly or via your children Social Worker.