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Are you OK?

Supporting people across the city to look out for friends, family and neighbours

Are you OK?

Coronavirus and the lockdown have caused lots of problems for everyone in different ways. Some people have struggled with their mental health, some people have struggled with money because of losing their jobs and some people have not been safe at home during this time.

Adults who argue and fight in the home have no space to get away during the pandemic. This is scary for everyone in the home. Being stuck indoors has also meant that children and vulnerable adults who are not looked after properly by their family or carers are more likely to get hurt.

This makes us worried. We worry that people like teachers, doctors, and youth workers, haven’t been able to see the adults and children who are most vulnerable and can’t get the help they need.

Are you OK? asks you to check on your friends, family and neighbours. We know that sometimes this can be hard, but we need some help to check if people are OK. If you are worried that someone is not OK, then this webpage should help you to find the right people to contact to support your friend, family member or neighbour.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call the police on 999.


How can you help?

There are some simple steps you can take to help your friends, family and neighbours during this difficult time.

Have regular conversations with someone and if you see changes that you are worried about, support them to get the right help. If something doesn’t feel quite right, there is usually a reason for it. 

If you're worried about someone: