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Transfer of a Child Protection Safeguarding File to another Educational Setting

This guidance has been created to ensure that all relevant child protection and safeguarding information about a child is known to the educational setting that a child attends. It is imperative that, in order to promote a child's welfare and thus their educational needs, that any concerns around the child are documented and passed on when the child moves to a new setting.

KBSP Guidance on the Transfer of a Child Protection Safeguarding File to another Educational Setting - updated 2019

Record Keeping Guidance for Pupil Safeguarding/ Child Protection Files

Anti-bullying teaching resources

As providers and advisors of anti-bullying across the UK, Unique Voice are ensuring schools launch the new academic year with useful, effective and innovative ideas for addressing bullying at their school and empowering their young people. The below resources are free to access and contain a cross- curricular approach to bullying issues.

KS1 lesson plans

KS2 lesson plans

KS3 lesson plans

‘A Helping Hand from Unique Voice’ - practical support for staff


E Safety Teaching Resources

The following two films were designed as teaching resources for use in schools

Sexting: Lola

Digital Footprint: Rachel

The films are available for primary and secondary schools. You will also find a resource pack that can prompt further conversations with your students. There are also some further suggestions for games, discussions and lesson plans.

Secondary schools

Primary Schools

In creating these films we  have been fortunate that lots of students from various schools in Bristol have been involved. Their participation is really useful in helping us understand the issues raised in the films from their perspective.