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Professional working guidance

Escalation of professional disagreements

The KBSP Escalation policy should be used to formally raise concerns between agencies regarding work relating to the Safeguarding of Adults at Risk

KBSP Resolution of professional disagreements

It is necessary to record each instance in which the Escalation policy is used to resolve professional disputes. Complete and send the below form to

KBSP Resolution of professional disagreements – Monitoring Form

Information Sharing

KBSP has produced the following inter-agency information sharing guidance for use by professionals.

KBSP Information Sharing Guidance - June 2021

People in Positions of Trust

Use this guidance where concerns are raised about professionals who are in a ‘position of trust’ for adults at risk.

Guidance: People in positions of trust

Supervision (Integrated) Joint Good Practice Guide and Tools

This Good Practice Guide is suitable for use by both child and adult safeguarding practitioners. The aim of this guide is to promote and develop a culture that values and engages in regular safeguarding supervision. It is intended to provide an overarching framework for all staff working in multi-agency organisations across Bristol.

Integrated Supervision Good Practice Guide and Tools