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Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse Pathway

Bristol City Council have been working alongside the Centre of Expertise on child sexual abuse to work on the CSA Pathway. This tool is now available for colleagues in Bristol to highlight good practice when there are concerns that a child or young person is being or has been sexually abused. It aims to bring clarity to professionals' responsibilities and actions at key points to meet children's needs for safety and support and address their wider wellbeing.

Because it is still in its trial period, the pathway is not yet available directly on the Centre of Expertise website.

For Bristol safeguarding colleagues, the pathway is available here:

pathway (


Signs and Indicators Template:

This has been designed to help professionals to gather the signs and indicators of sexual abuse and build a picture of their concerns.

You can access this here: Signs and indicators of child sexual abuse | CSA Centre


Free E Learning:

A free, short, accessible course for all professionals working with children on Identifying and responding to intra-familial child sexual abuse, developed by the Centre of Expertise on child sexual abuse. 

You can access this here: eLearning | CSA Centre


Regional Paediatric Referral Pathway for acute CSA concerns – The Bridge SARC

This document outlines the Bristol pathway for referring a child / young adult who has disclosed sexual assault.

Regional Paediatric Referral Pathway for acute CSA concerns – The Bridge SARC (currently under review)


Harmful Sexual Behaviour

Children and young people who abuse others should be held responsible for their abusive behaviour, whilst being identified and responded to in a way that meets their needs as well as protecting others. They are likely to be children in need and some will, in addition, be suffering – or be at risk of – significant harm, and may themselves be in need of protection. This protocol provides guidance to professionals on how to work with and address children who display Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB).

Harmful Sexual Behaviour Guidance (September 2022)

Aide Memoir Harmful Sexual Behaviour Strategy Discussion (July 2022)