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National/ Regional Guidance - Children

Policies, procedures and guidance documents developed by the KBSP are designed for use in a multi-agency environment. Professionals should abide by their own agency guidelines as well as national policy.

All local and national safeguarding arrangements should be aligned with Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018.

The Single Assessment Framework (2014) is guidance developed by Bristol City Council for professionals assessing needs of families for early help.

South West Child Protection Procedures

Professionals in Bristol should also visit the South West Child Protection Procedures. This is a joint set of procedures agreed by the South West Local Safeguarding Children Boards / Safeguarding Partners covering all types of child abuse. All the information is based on current legislation and up to date national policy and is updated regularly and should be followed by all organisations.

Information sharing

All professionals should ensure that the decision to share information with another agency is undertaken in accordance with the Department of Education (DofE) Information sharing advice for safeguarding practitioners.

DofE Information Sharing Advice for Safeguarding Practitioners