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We'll provide details of our next conference here - we have nothing to announce just yet!

All conferences held prior to September 2019 were delivered as part of either the Bristol Safeguarding Adults Board or Bristol Safeguarding Children Board. You can see details of those conferences below.

Adult Conferences

BSAB Annual Conference 2019 "Getting it Right: Mental Capacity"

Bristol and South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Adults Boards hosted a joint Annual Conference to explore Mental Capacity on Tuesday 12th June at the BAWA Centre.

The conference featured a keynote from Alex Ruck Keane with workshops available on MCA & SARs; MCA Essentials; MCA for 16-17 year olds; LPA &Advanced Decisions; and Best Interest Decision Making.

Presentations from the keynote and workshops can be found below:

MCA 11 years on: Keynote

MCA for 16-17 year olds

MCA and Executive Function

Good Practice in Restriction and Restraint

Learning from Safeguarding Adult Reviews

Best Interest Decision Making

Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy service

A Graphic Illustration was also produced in real time, based on the discussions on the day:

"Getting it right: Mental Capacity" Graphic Illustration