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Child Sexual Exploitation

Any child or young person may be at risk of sexual exploitation, regardless of their family background or other circumstances. This includes boys and young men as well as girls and young women.

Sexual exploitation can involve varying degrees of coercion, intimidation or enticement, including unwanted pressure from their peers to have sex, sexual bullying (including cyber bullying), and grooming for sexual activity.

Free From Fear is a film, designed by young people, to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation among young people. The project was put forward by young people supported by Barnardo’s. The film features three spoken word performances on surviving sexual abuse through the viewpoint of the older self, giving strength to the younger self.

This short animation explains CSE to parents and carers.

The Shout Out Speak Out leaflet has been adapted for Bristol from a design developed by Barnardo's Northern Ireland and the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland. We would like to thank them for their support in sharing this leaflet.

Poster - This version can be printed as a leaflet or an A3 poster

Foldable Leaflet - This version can be printed and folded in to a pocket sized leaflet.

Survivor Pathway - find advice and support for survivors of sexual violence

Barnardo’s BASE - a local specialist service for young people under 25 who have been sexually exploited. For more information on the help they provide, or to refer a case, please visit their site.

Parents Against Child Exploitation (PACE) Further information and resources for parents/carers