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Sexual Health

Information, advice and support

Sexual Health

Sexual health advice for adults is available from your GP, this includes pregnancy support, sexually transmitted infection testing, and contraception. Support around pregnancy and sexual health remains open throughout the covid-19 pandemic.

Prostitution and Sex Work

Prostitution, which is also called sex work, is the exchange of sexual services for money. Prostitution itself is not a crime but the following activities are crimes in the UK:

  • Soliciting in a public place
  • Kerb crawling
  • Owning or managing a brothel
  • Pimping
  • Procuring (this includes trafficking a prostitute, operating a prostitution business and transporting a prostitute to a location of their arrangement).

In addition, it is illegal in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to:

  • Pay for sex with a prostitute who has been subjected to force. Clients can be prosecuted even if they didn’t know the prostitute was forced.

Advice and Support

Call 999 if a crime is happening now, or if you or someone you know is in immediate danger.

Unity Sexual Health

Free and confidential service for Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire including discrete postal sexual health tests.

Main contact telephone number is 0117 342 6900, check their website for the latest opening times. If you are worried about pregnancy options, call 0345 872 5435.


Supporting women to exit sex-working through support around housing, mental health, addiction, domestic and sexual violence, finance, wellbeing and the criminal justice system

Call 0117 909 8832 or email

Night outreach van: 0800 6 125 125

Ugly Mugs

UK-wide charity working with sex workers to do research, design and deliver safety tools and to provide support services to people in adult industries.


For support and advice about sexual assault and sexual harassment, visit the Sexual Violence page.