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Multi-agency meetings

Child Protection Conference Reports and Agenda

Professionals should use the below forms for Child Protection Conferences

Child Protection Conference Guide for Bristol Children and their Families

GP Conference Report Form

GP Conference Report Form - EMIS

Partner Agency Report for Child Protection Conference

Child Protection Conference Agenda


Managing strategies

This guidance is to support professionals working with children and families in the holding of Strategy Discussions where there are child protection concerns and it is considered that there is reasonable cause to suspect the child is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm.

Guidance for the management of strategy discussions (2020)



Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) are the statutory arrangements for managing sexual and violent offenders in the community in a way that mitigates the risk that they pose as much as possible. The process is ensured by the Responsible Authority which consists of police, prison and probation services and they are charged with the duty and responsibility for the assessment and management of risk of all MAPPA offenders. Children and Young People Social Care have a 'duty to co-operate' with the Responsible Authority under section 325(3) of the Criminal Justice Act (2003).

A professionals briefing has been developed:

7 min MAPPA briefing

7 min MAPPA briefing - Publisher this version can be edited by agencies to highlight their specific expectations

The Ministry of Justice produce an annual report:

MAPPA Annual Report 2020/2021

MAPPA Annual Report 2019/20


Multi Agency Professional Meetings

This guidance will outline the purpose of Multi-agency Professional Meetings (MAPMs); when it is appropriate to convene a MAPM; and how this should be managed.

Guidance on the use of Multi-Agency Professionals' Meetings